Ryan Waneka
Ryan Waneka
Photo courtesy of  Shaye Fitzgerald

Photo courtesy of Shaye Fitzgerald

Ryan Waneka

Hey guys, my name is Ryan (righteous Ryan in some circles). I'm grateful you have a moment to see some of my work. Take your time. I am a portrait, commercial, and lifestyle photographer, based in the playground called Colorado. What do I shoot? Just about anything under the sun, but I love working with down-to-earth people and cool brands in amazing places.

I love looking at photos, so I hope you can enjoy looking at some of mine. I have been so blessed to have eyes to see, so let me show you a little glimpse of what this world looks like to me. I am always up for new and challenging projects, so do not hesitate to throw one my way. This is a documentary and creative industry, I like my life to be as interesting as my photo shoots, and vice versa. Thanks for stopping by, and don't be afraid to reach out!

About me: I am a Colorado native, and proud of it. In fact, my ancestors were some of the first to settle in Colorado, traversing the plains in a covered wagon (classic.), living in a cave, and creating a man-made lake in Lafayette, Waneka Lake. And I've got keys to the boathouse. JK ;) You can find me camping in the mountains, diving on a volleyball court, climbing up a rock face, swimming in a body of water, cuddling a dog, running on a trail, cutting a rug on a dance floor, or editing my life away at The Articulate

Also, I'm proud to be part of team PHOCO, who has been named Top Colorado Photographer by Colorado Biz Magazine. You can see even more of my work on that website!

Instagram: @RyanWaneka    Pinterest: Ryan Waneka         Email: ryan@pho-co.com 

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